Young Fundraisers

Hi from Lenny!

My name is Lenny and I am the St Leonard’s Hospice mascot.

Here at St Leonard’s we believe a hospice is not just a building; it is a way of caring for people. We aim to improve the lives of people who have a life limiting illness, helping them to live well before they die.

We not only take care of people's physical needs, but look after their emotional, spiritual and social needs as well.  We also support carers, family members and close friends.

If you would like me to visit your school or group, please tell us when you are having an event as I would love to come along! You can also see me at our own Hospice events or out and about in the local community.

Calling all young people

Our care is free of charge to patients and their families but not free to provide.  This is why we really need your help to fundraise.  Whether you’re a school, a youth group or a young person looking to raise money for St Leonard’s Hospice, there are lots of ways you can get involved – you could simply have a one-off event such as a dress down day or alternatively, choose us as your charity of the year and organise fun activities throughout the term.  It could be the whole class, the whole year group or even the whole school that gets involved!

We can talk to pupils

Raising awareness of the Hospice is a huge part of what we do.  We are happy to speak in school assemblies or visit groups to explain about the work of St Leonard’s.

We can lead an interactive presentation entitled ‘What is a Hospice’ suitable for groups of all sizes, appropriate to the age group and it can be tailored to specific topics. The aim is to provide information about the work of St Leonard’s and its vital role in the community, working in line with the National Curriculum and in a way children will understand.

Let us support you!

Sarah, our Community Fundraiser is just a phone call or email away and is always more than happy to help guide you through your chosen fundraising activity. By providing you with leaflets, posters, banners, tickets, sponsor forms, collecting boxes or helping to set up an online fundraising page – she can support you from the start and help ensure that your event or activity runs as smoothly as possible.

Sarah would love to hear from you, so why not give her a call today on 01904 777777 or email to set your ideas in motion!