About us

St Leonard’s Hospice currently has 12 shops situated in and around the area we serve. All the shops are staffed by a paid manager and a team of volunteers.  Our first shop in Acomb, York opened in 1991.  All money raised from our shops goes directly to the care of our patients and their families.

What do we sell?

We sell most items found in a normal household, including clothes, bedding and textiles, kitchen equipment and small electrical items.  In addition to our conventional charity shops, we also have three shops specialising in furniture. 

Where does our stock come from?

All items sold in our shops are donated to us.  We do everything we can to ensure we raise as much money as possible from these sales.

What happens to goods that don’t sell?

We work very closely with a recycling company.  They collect and pay us for items we are unable to sell, including clothing, electrical items and books.  We also recycle plastic and cardboard.  

What else can we do?

The Retail Team work very hard to stage Fashion Shows and Vintage Fairs. These events give us the opportunity to showcase our goods and allows our staff to put together some fabulous outfits and collectables. For details of the next event visit

What about Gift Aid?

You can now Gift Aid all the goods you donate to sell in our shops. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can complete a simple form and ensure that The Hospice can claim an additional 25p for every £1 that the goods raise when they are sold.
Buy our goods and donate too!

By buying goods from our shops you will help to ensure the future of St Leonard’s Hospice.  By donating, you will also help the environment by recycling your unwanted clothing on to others.