Volunteering for St Leonard's

680 people like you help in and around St Leonard’s Hospice alongside our staff!  Each one plays a vital role in helping us provide the highest standard of care for patients and their families.  Would you like to join them?
What is there to do?

There are 250 volunteers in the Hospice itself, with another 430 who help in our shops or with regular fundraising events.  There are many opportunities to help with patients and families or contribute behind the scenes, including:

Roles involving direct contact with patients and families
Registered nursing
Helping on the wards with catering
Driving (fuel allowance is offered)
Flower care
Helping in the Sunflower Centre with
social activities
Complementary Therapy
Spiritual care support
Bereavement support
Volunteer Visitor
Supporting roles
Kitchen assistance
Secretarial help
Retail (shops and sorting donated goods)
Will I get training?
Yes of course!  You will have an induction and practical training that will help you carry out your role safely and effectively. 
What’s in it for me?
You’ll get an insight into the needs of patients and the help that hospice care provides; the opportunity to be part of a highly valued team; a chance to use your spare time, skills and “life experience”; a feeling that you’re “giving back” to the community, and there’s fun, enjoyment and the chance to make new friends.  For some people, volunteering can be a route into employment or trying something new which may lead to a career change.
What should I be like, to be a volunteer?
You need to be cheerful, reliable, have maturity and common sense. Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are very important. 

If you would like to volunteer in one of the more specialised roles such as nurse, driver or therapist, you will require the neccessary qualifications and skills for these roles. You need to be over 18, and you should wait at least a year after bereavement before volunterring.
How much time do I need to offer?
The few hours a week or month each volunteer puts in, really add up. To get the best out of your volunteering, you need to be able to help 2-4 times a month, for several months at least.  If you can’t help on the same day each week, that’s no problem - we could ask you to fill in when others are away.
How do I apply to become a volunteer?
Please register your interest in future posts here.  Alternatively, call the Volunteers’ Department on 01904 777765 or email volunteers@stleonardshospice.nhs.uk to book an appointment.
If you are invited for an informal chat and a look round, the application process will be explained.  We’ll try our best to match you to the best role, depending on availability.

Our volunteers play a huge part in our organisation and without them we could not do what we do.