A Letter Through The Post
Have you received a letter from us through the post? What's that all about? 
Posted Oct 27

A Letter Through The Post

In the face of changing data protection regulations, we've had to get a little bit creative...

At the end of October we will be mailing every person on our database to ensure that in the future we only contact people who have explicitly given their consent.

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on May 25th 2018 and we want to make sure we're blazing the trail for good practice in plenty of time.

We will be sending forms to around 27,000 people at the end of October, asking them to post back their consent in a pre-paid envelope before a deadline of 6th January 2018. Consent can also be logged online here if preferred.

We have enlisted the help of a York-based creative design company to produce an eye-catching form and now hope donors will pick up their pens and put a tick in the box to continue support for the Hospice.

Martyn Callaghan, Chief Executive at St Leonard’s Hospice, explains: “These changes in regulation will have a huge impact, particularly on smaller charities that rely heavily on local support. We are lucky to have a fantastic relationship with our community and we’d like to stay in touch with them as we build a future for St Leonard’s. Our care is free of charge for patients and their families, but isn’t free to provide.”

The digital world has changed a lot since the last Data Protection Act was passed in 1998 so it’s no surprise the regulations are being updated. Forcing organisations to completely clean their databases and request explicit consent will be challenging and costly, but should benefit everyone in the long run.

Martyn adds: “The changes are a good thing - we take the privacy of our supporters very seriously and want to be as upfront as possible with them. And it should help us out too - it’s a lot of work now but we hope we’ll be left with a fantastic database of loyal supporters who genuinely want us to contact them about our news, events and campaigns. We urge you to watch out for these letters dropping through your letter box!”

Please don't ignore the letter or just throw it away - it's really simple to keep in touch. There's just 1 step!