Food & Drink
Mealtimes are a very important part of the Hospice day. It gives the Catering department the opportunity to show off its culinary flair and creativity with food prepared and served with imagination, thought and care.
In-patient Unit
Patients are tempted with meals freshly served using seasonal products and always homemade.

High standards and appealing presentation of the food is so important.

We cater for the individual, so if it’s a patient’s birthday the team will bake a cake, if it’s an anniversary it may be a special meal!

A member of the care team will speak with each patient and discuss the day's menu.  A cooked or lighter breakfast is available; lunch will include a starter or soup, followed by a main course and hot pudding or selection of cold desserts. The evening meal is generally lighter with soup or a starter, finished with a hot pudding or sweet. Meal times are flexible according to patient needs and requirements.
Families & Carers
The team also cater for visiting families and carers, when required.