Hospice@Home FAQ


Is it possible for Hospice@Home staff to leave their personal telephone number so that they can be contacted directly?

Our staff are asked not to give out their mobile or home telephone numbers.  If you need to contact us you can do so at any time, call St Leonard’s Hospice on 01904 708553 and ask to speak to a member of the Hospice@Home team.

If the Hospice@Home member of staff is a Care Assistant, are they able to give or assist with medication?

If a Care Assistant is the member of staff in your home they can prompt you to take medication. If you are unable to take the medication without help, then you are responsible for organising the help required.  Only qualified nurses are allowed to administer prescribed medication.

If I have to go out during a time when the Hospice@Home staff are in the home, can my children stay at home with them?

Our staff are not allowed to supervise children at any time.