Bereavement Care

Our Bereavement Care Team offers support to families following the death of a loved one.  It is a continuation of our family care and is offered to those close to someone who has died either in the Hospice or under the care of Hospice@Home.
Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one and everyone grieves in their own way.  Many people find it helpful to be able to express their feelings, to tell and re-tell the story of what has happened, and to talk about the person who has died.  Our team offer a listening and support service to help people as they grieve and adapt to their loss.  They can also help to answer questions, such as,'is this normal?', 'am I going mad?'  or 'other people say I should…?' Our support may be offered by telephone or by regular fact to face support, or a combination of both, depending on what the bereaved person would prefer.  

Children & Young People
A child’s grief will be affected by their age, maturity, circumstances and temperament.  Sometimes parents and grandparents are unsure about how to support their children.  We can offer support and advice about this and individual support for children if it is appropriate.