Complementary Therapies

What are they?
They are a range of therapies which go hand in hand with the care provided by the nursing and medical staff that support you and your carer during your time at the Hospice.
Benefits of Complementary Therapies include: 
  • Promoting relaxation, which may then help improve physical symptoms
  • Reduction of anxiety and panic
  • Relief of muscle fatigue and tension
  • Emotional and psychological support
Who can receive treatment?
Treatments are available for in-patients, Sunflower Centre patients and close relatives/carers.
What therapies are offered?
Aromatherapy - The use of essential oils (natural plant oils) in gentle massage or in different preparations to help address specific symptoms.
Reiki - A very gentle treatment, which aims to improve the balance of energy in the body and mind.  Based on the Japanese belief that we are all receivers and transmitters of energy, the session is a gentle non-invasive treatment that involves the therapist moving their hands over special energy points in the body.  There is no requirement to remove clothing for this therapy.
Reflexology - Another gentle treatment which helps to balance energy throughout the body by the application of light pressure to specific points on the feet.
Who provides the treatments?
The Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator is a qualified nurse who is experienced in treating patients in a palliative care setting.  She is supported by volunteer therapists who are qualified in the therapies they provide and are members of approved complementary therapy associations.
How long does a treatment last?
Each session is tailored to suit the individual but generally lasts about 30 minutes.
Where does it take place?
Treatment takes place either at the bedside or in one of the dedicated Complementary Therapy rooms and is accompanied by gentle music, followed by a short period of relaxation.
Is it safe for me to have Complementary Therapy?
Before any treatment is given the therapist will complete an assessment of your medical condition and your specific needs, to ensure the treatment offered is safe for you.
There is no charge for treatment.