Our Physiotherapist will work with you to help identify goals; these may be simple or complex but will always be realistic and achievable and will help make a difference to your quality of life.
The Physiotherapist can help with:

Suggesting personal exercise regimes to improve muscle strength and joint mobility

Providing and showing the correct way to use walking aids, wheelchairs and various orthotic appliances

Advising the correct way to manage steps or stairs. 

Relief of pain

Advising on positioning and posture

Suggesting simple movements to maintain joint range and relieve stiffness

Advising on the use of the TENS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation) machine

Supplying hot and cold packs. 

Respiratory care 

Assisting to clear chest secretions

Teaching mechanisms to cope with breathlessness

Showing appropriate breathing exercises

Advising on the use of oxygen and nebulisers. 

Moving and handling
Teaching carers how to look after their backs and how to move, handle and position people both safely and comfortably. 

Home visits and discharge

Working alongside the Occupational Therapist and Discharge Nurse to help patients visit their own home and have a safe discharge from the Hospice.