Eligibility Criteria

Agreed Eligibility for Referral to Specialist Palliative Care 
Eligibility for referral to specialist palliative care services is based on patient need not diagnosis 
  • The patient has active, progressive and usually advanced disease for which the prognosis is limited (although it may be several years) and the focus of care is quality of life. 
  • The patient has unresolved complex needs that cannot be met by the caring team. These needs may be physical, psychological, social and /or spiritual. Examples may include complicated symptoms, difficult family situations, or ethical issues regarding treatment decisions. 
Admission Criteria 
The patient has been recently assessed by a member of one of the specialist 
palliative care teams. 
Patients who meet the above criteria may be admitted to any part of the specialist 
palliative care service as required. 
Discharge Criteria 
Patients who no longer meet the above criteria may be discharged from the specialist 
palliative care service. 

Patients can be re-referred if they subsequently meet the eligibility criteria.