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Sonic the Hedgehog Yorkshire 10 mile's Fundraising Page

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Sonic the Hedgehog Yorkshire 10 mile

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Yorkshire 10 mile


A 10 mile run dressed as this classic character to raise some vital funds for St Leonard's Hospice


Firstly, many thanks for clicking on my page to read my story and fundraising attempt. On 30th March 2017 our family received the most devastating news. The news that mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. A strong, healthy woman who put up an incredible battle 5 years earlier and successfully fought off oesophageal cancer following a major operation. I say strong because just 12 days before her terminal diagnosis she put on a brave face and a great big beaming smile to watch me marry Lucy and not let on that she wasn’t feeling well. I’m taking part in the Yorkshire 10 mile event on Sunday 8th October2017 dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog in the hope to raise as much money as possible for St Leonard’s Hospice. The mascot outfit weighs in at 4.5kg and makes movement pretty restrictive so this fundraiser should be quite a challenge! St Leonard’s Hospice is an independent charity that provided specialist palliative care for the final 10 days of my mum’s life earlier this year. Their care is free of charge to patients but the service is not free to provide. They rely heavily on the generosity of the public to help raise £5 million; the cost to run the Hospice every year, whiach is why I’m running this event to raise some vital funds and give something back to this amazing, local Hospice. On 10th April 2017 mum was transferred to St Leonard’s Hospice. It’s difficult to put into words the incredible support they provided in such tough circumstances. The nurses and doctors were amazing in the personalised care they gave mum and made her as comfortable as possible right to the very end. The most touching moment was their efforts to grant her final wish for one final home visit, arranging for a hospital bed to be delivered home, along with transport so she could have her final day in the comfort of her own living room before heading back to the hospice to say her final goodnight to us all. Whilst I can never thank them enough for really going out their way to arrange this, the least I can do is try my best to fundraise. So why Sonic? Well this speedy character brings back some great childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV playing this classic game on the SEGA Master System with mum, dad and my 2 older sisters…many, many hours of fun times ! The first £250.00 that I raise will be generously matched £ for £ by Aviva, therefore it’d be amazing to make the most of this lovely gesture and reach £250.00 worth of donations from my friends and family who are reading this (for a total of £500.00). Anything above this amount would be unbelievable. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and I’ll look forward to seeing you all on the 8th October to see Sonic running round the streets of York (more details on the event here - For further information on St Leonard’s Hospice please visit -