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Donating to an existing Tribute Page

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Creating a Tribute Page

When someone close to you has died, a Tribute Page is a perfect way of celebrating their life. You can set up a page for a loved one who wasn't cared for by the Hospice and personalise it as you wish, allowing family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to donate or fundraise in their honour. 

There are no minimum donations, timelines or targets - it is entirely up to you. For example, you could:
  • mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas
  • set up a regular donation or standing order
  • take part in sponsored events, such as the York 10K, Midnight Walk or other challenges
  • alternatively, organise your own event, such as a coffee morning or family get together.
No matter how the funds are raised, they can be displayed on your page, including offline donations such as money received in lieu of flowers.

Once created, we will send you confirmation and will always be on hand to offer support. If you would like further information please call Sue Edwards, on 01904 777777 or email

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