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Eileen Janet Boucher

Eileen Janet Boucher

1952 - 2015
It has been a grate shock to me to lose my mum so suddenly after being diagnosed with corolectol cancer in Feb 2015. My mum passed away on 5th May 2015, this is where that empty feeling has begun. Not being able to pick up the phone every day and hear my mums voice will sadden me for the rest of my days. My mum grew up along with her sister in a small seaside town named Portobello which is just outside Edinburgh. Mum always described her childhood as a happy one with two doting patents. Although her mum and dad didnt have much money they always took my mum and her sister on holidays, days out and worked hard to provide the things that made the girls happy at christmas and birthdays. My mum had a few talents in her younger days, she was a keen trampoleneist, swimmer and played the piano. My mums first job was working in the amusements in Portobello. She married and went on to have my sister and brother where she continued to live in Edinburgh for a short while longer before moving to York. Mum eventually had me and settled in York for the rest of her days. My mum was such a thoughtful and caring person who became a care assistant for many years through her work, however she would still keep in contact with many individuals that she looked after over the years, they would never be forgotten in her eyes. Mum was a proud grandma to my daughter Leah who she loved very much, i know she will miss Leah so much. My mum was a lady that always worried and cared about others but not so much herself although she was fit and healthy maybe the early signs of her illness were accidently ignored because she was too busy looking after others? When mum was diagnosed she never complained, she never asked the question "why me?" she just accepted it and made the most of her time left, which i can say was a happy time spending days out with her family and friends. What I can say about my mum is she was a true hero, who would fight through thick and thin for her children and friends and I will miss her so so much. Although her time was cut short on this earth I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of having such a wonderful beutiful mum. My mums wish was to help others with the same illness, my mum believed that ploughing money in to cancer research will not help as there is only so much research you can do plus it never helped her mum and dad nor her, but what did help was having a place that she felt safe, with compassianate and caring individuals and i beleive prolonged her life further. this was St Leonards Hospice. It would be much appreciated if you could donate in my mums memory to St Leonards to make other peoples limited days as comfortable and happy as it can possibly be. You will be missed every second of every day Mum. Sleep well xxxxx Susanne xxx
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