How Can I Help?
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How Can I Help?

Illness can make people change in lots of different ways.  They may not have much energy and may not be able to do many activities, and you may miss not being able to do things you used to do with them, like going swimming or playing football.

When someone is feeling very ill you can still do lots of things with them and for them, such as:
  • Sit quietly by their bed and keep them company.
  • Give them a hug and hold their hand. This will not hurt them.
  • Fetch them a drink or snack.
  • Play a game of cards or board game if they feel up to it.
  • Draw them a picture to hang by their bed.
  • Make a scrap book together with photographs and drawings.
  • Do your homework with them.
  • Ask them to tell you about their memories such as what they liked doing when they were a child or where they went to school.
  • Gently brush their hair.
  • Read them a book.
  • Snuggle up on the bed and watch a film together.
  • Tell them a story or a joke.
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