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How Do I Feel?

Feelings Angry Confused Sad Worried Happy Frightened Guilty Bored & fed up
Bored & fed up

One of the feelings you may be having is anger.  Everyone gets angry at times and we all express anger in different ways.  Some people shout and some people cry. 

Sometimes you may feel like you want to explode.  It is important to let anger out in safe ways.  Try hitting a cushion or kicking a ball, thumping some clay, going for a run or having a good cry.
It can be a really confusing time when someone is ill.  You may not understand what is going on, why they are ill or what their illness is.  The person may keep going in and out of hospital and things keep changing.  Lots of people, such as nurses, social workers or carers, may be visiting the house. If you are feeling confused it is a good idea to talk to someone whom you feel will understand.  Perhaps you could speak to someone else in your family or a teacher, nurse or doctor, whom you trust.
You may find yourself feeling sad at times, and this can vary from day to day.  Other people in your family may be feeling sad too. You may find yourself crying unexpectedly or you may feel that you are crying secretly inside. It can be helpful to let your tears out and to cry together with someone else. Try asking someone you are close to and feel safe with to give you a big hug, or else give a big hug to a teddy bear or a pet.
You may find yourself with fears and worries. Sometimes we can feel anxious and not even know why, or we can get tummy aches or headaches. You may not feel like going out or being with friends and you may feel that no-one else understands. It can be difficult to concentrate at school. If you feel worried, try to talk to someone whom you feel will understand. It can also help to draw a picture or write a list of the things that are worrying you. You can share these with someone or you could cut them up into little pieces and throw them in the bin and leave them there.
It is alright to feel happy, even when bad things are going on.  You may feel you want to have time with your friends and to enjoy what you normally do.  It is important to do nice things and have fun, even when someone is ill.  You still care for them and they will understand that you need to be happy. 
You may feel frightened by things that are happening in your family.  Perhaps you have questions going through your head about the future and you may feel shaky or scared.  It is really important when you feel frightened to talk to someone you feel safe with and tell them about your fears.  This may be someone in your family or your dog or your friend.
Sometimes we can feel guilty about things, even when they are not our fault.  If you feel that what is happening is your fault in some way, you need to know that it isn’t. You have done nothing to make the person ill by what you have done or haven’t done.  Sometimes we can feel guilty if we are having a nice time or feeling happy.  It is ok to enjoy yourself, to be with friends and do every day things. You do not have to feel guilty.
When someone in your family is ill, you may not be able to do the things you normally do.  You may be visiting the person in hospital or staying more at home. You may not be able to have outings, see your friends as often or play with the person who is ill, and life may seem a bit flat for you.  Try to look for new things to do, like playing a new game or computer game, chatting to your friends on Facebook, making a cake or doing some art and craft work.
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