My Questions
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My Questions

When someone is ill you may have lots of questions in your head about things that are happening.  It is good to find someone who can answer your questions, such as a doctor or nurse, a family member or someone at school.   Here are a few of the questions you might have:
Is there anyone in the Hospice I can talk to?
Yes. The Hospice has a Family Support Team to help children and young people. We know how hard it can feel when someone is very ill and that it can help to talk to someone outside of the family. Tell a nurse or someone on Reception if you would like to talk to one of the Family Support Team.
Will the person die?
There are lots of sorts of medicines and treatments to try to make people better. Many people do get better, but sometimes, even though everyone has done their best, the illness does not go away. If this happens, the person won’t get better and they may even die.  If you are worrying about this, try to talk to someone about it.
Why can’t doctors always make people better?
Doctors try everything they can to make people better and people are working to find new treatments all the time.  However, sometimes an illness can be so strong and make people so poorly that no more medicines will work.
Did I make them ill?  
No you did not. Nobody is ill because of something you did or did not do. It is not your fault.
Can I catch it?
No it is not like a cold or chickenpox and you cannot catch it. It is Okay to sit close, hug and kiss.
Why does the person often seem cross with me? 
Sometimes a person who is ill can seem sad or grumpy and bad tempered, and not at all like their usual self.  When they feel ill they may snap at the people they love the most, because they feel safest with them.  But that can be hard for you.  They may seem cross, but that does not mean that they do not still love you.
Who will take me to school?
Whatever happens, someone will arrange to get you to school and pick you up.  There will always be someone to look after you.  If you are worried, ask the adults you know what may happen.
Can I visit the person in the Hospice?
You are very welcome to visit your person in the Hospice and they will be pleased to see you.  If you are anxious about what it will be like in the Hospice, or how your person will look, do talk to an adult about this before you come.  If you need a break from visiting the person we have a Children’s Room with some toys and a Family Room, where you can play pool or play some games.  If it is your parent who is in the Hospice, you might like to arrange a picnic in their room, have a pizza night with them, or watch a DVD together. Just ask and the Hospice staff will try to help.
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