What Can Help Me?
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What Can Help Me?

Sometimes feelings can build up and explode. So it’s good to find a safe way to ‘let off steam’. Here are some things to try when you have lots of feelings you don’t know what to do with. Keep trying different things until you find something that helps.
  • Talk to a friend, family member or teacher
  • Take time to relax. Have a warm bubble bath or listen to some music
  • Read a book to take your mind off things
  • Write your thoughts down in a diary
  • Draw a picture or scribble hard with crayons
  • Thump a pillow
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Hug someone special
  • Cuddle or stroke your pet
  • Scream in the shower
  • Turn up your music really loud and sing
  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Keep a low light on in your bedroom
  • Kick a football really hard
  • Try not to take on too much at school
  • Jump up & down on a trampoline
  • Take some slow deep breaths – breath in for 3 counts and out for 6 counts
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