Rainbow of Ribbons
Its that time of year when the 'Rainbow of Ribbons' appear outside the St Leonard's, as well as Selby Abbey and Easingwold Market Place. 
Its not too late to to dedicate a ribbon. 
Posted Jun 27

Rainbow of Ribbons

Once again this year, we will be creating a 'Rainbow of Ribbons' here at the Hospice. You are invited to dedicate a ribbon for those special people who have added colour to your life. During the month of July, we will be displaying hundreds of ribbons in a myriad of colours at the front of the Hospice on Tadcaster Road for all to see. This is a bright and positive way of celebrating special people in your life and, not only this, the display of ribbons will continue to bring colour and brightness to everyone who visits St Leonard's during the month of July.

As well as being on display outside the Hospice, ribbons will also be on display throughout July at Selby Abbey and in the Market Place in Easingwold.

Its not too late to to dedicate a ribbon please remember to complete the details of your friend/relative on the booking form and state the colour of ribbon you require and where you would like your ribbon displayed. 

Colours available are Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue and White. You could choose a favourite colour or something symbolic: YELLOW to remember someone's sunny smile, PINK or BLUE to mark the birth of a baby, RED to remember a loved one, or WHITE to celebrate a wedding or anniversary. These are just suggestions; let your imagination run away with you!