Retail Updates
Our retail team are working hard to reopen our shops and donation centre in safe way.
Posted May 27

Retail Updates

Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding while our charity shops have been closed.

We are aiming to reopen our shops and donation centre by sometime in July (we will post updates as we have them) on a part time basis and with a phased re-opening. We know lots of you have items ready to donate and for that we are truly grateful. We will need your donations, and your custom, more than ever.

We anticipate being very busy initially, and so we will need to accept donations in a very controlled manner. We won't be accepting donations in all our shops - we will let you know which ones are nearer the time. We will also be quarantining donations for 72 hours before they are sorted, meaning lack of storage space is likely to be an issue.

Donation Mornings in June

We have decided to hold two 'trial' donation mornings. Please read the following information carefully.

On Monday 8th June from 9am until 1pm, we will be accepting donations at our donation centre in Acomb. Please note that we have limited space so may close early if we hit capacity. We will also be limiting what and how much people can donate - a maximum of 6 bags (clothing, books etc.) and 4 cardboard boxes (household items, toys etc.) per person, and we won't be accepting furniture at this stage. Please ensure all bags and boxes are sealed up well. Please don't bring anything too heavy or bulky as we want this to be a quick drop-off process, and want to be as fair as we can to everyone.

If you are signed up for Gift Aid you can label boxes and bags yourself - please attach a label or paper to each bag or box with the date of your donation (for quarantine purposes), your post code, surname and gift aid number on.

We will then be accepting donations on Wednesday 10th June 9am - 1pm outside our charity shop in Haxby with the same conditions as above.

Please be patient with us as we anticipate being extremely busy and will obviously be observing social distancing safety measures. Please note these are trial sessions and we expect to be able to offer this at our other shops very soon. It would really help us if only people who live locally to these two initial locations come to donate and we will post information about additional dates ASAP.

Sort It Yourself
One big thing you can do before donating is #SortItYourself. We have put together these checklists below to help you help us. This will help us save time and cut down on waste, meaning more time and money can go towards supporting patients and those close to them. 

We hope to post more updates very soon about when you can shop, donate and volunteer - as well as, crucially, how we will be keeping you all safe. Thank you again for your patience.