The Sanctuary: Not Just a Name
Written by someone who found the Sanctuary space while supporting a loved one in St Leonard’s Hospice.
Posted Feb 20

The Sanctuary: Not Just a Name

A patient's daughter has written some beautiful words about St Leonard's and, more specifically, The Sanctuary. It is a place of peace and quiet, and all are welcome to come and sit, read, pray, reflect or light a candle, however these words convey its significance more than we ever could:

"Mum spent longer than most in the care of St Leonard’s. She enjoyed the support, activities and treatments provided by the Sunflower Centre and then the care, compassion and attention of the Hospice In-patient Unit...

During this difficult time, my family and I were here for many long days and emotional ebbs and flows. The staff took great care not only of mum but of us too; we spent time in the gardens and wandering the hallways, but found ourselves more and more often in the solace of The Sanctuary.

At first we felt as though we shouldn’t really be there, that it wasn’t a place for us. But one day we were drawn into the warm and welcoming space by the sun coming through the windows after a cold and wet morning. My uncle and I sat for a while and enjoyed the warmth and the view of the garden in the sun beams. We found ourselves visiting the room more and more often rather than simply wandering aimlessly while Mum was receiving special care or attention. Whist there, we remembered good times and bad; reflected on life and death; laughed and cried (a lot). Sometimes we would light a candle for mum, sometimes say a few words or collect a stone to carry with us; we could have attended services or prayers had we wished to do so, no belief or faith was expected; no request or need too great or too small...

Whatever your journey, I hope your path leads you to The Sanctuary for a while, and that like us, you find solace and comfort in its calm, welcoming warmth.

Thank you St Leonard’s for providing such a place, for taking such wonderful care of Mum and showing my family and I such kindness. We would have been truly lost without you."