York College Students Creative Design Work for St Leonard
Three A Level students studying Design Technology at York College spent time during their summer holidays designing and making bespoke donation gift boxes for St Leonard’s Hospice.
Posted Sep 24

York College Students Creative Design Work for St Leonard's Hospice

Charlotte Pennington and Charlie Snape, both formerly of Selby High School, and Hannah Talbot, formerly of The Grammar School in Leeds, created colourful designs to promote the idea of ‘donations rather than presents’ for St Leonard’s.

The students’ colourful gift boxes reflect the Hospice’s sunflower logo and branding and will be loaned out to Hospice supporters who request charity donations in lieu of gifts at events such as weddings and anniversary celebrations, birthday parties and funerals.

Charlie designed a white box with a subtle sunflower on one corner. His box features a clear flap on the front for notices/photographs and a magnetic bottom for security purposes. He said: “I wanted to do something functional, yet classic and understated for people to put on a collection table without it being too loud.”

Hannah said: “I went for the fun element, a plant pot. It’s personable, cheery and colourful and makes people smile. It will look good on any desk, table or shelf and incorporates a real twig, which makes it eco. You simply lift the flower up to access the donations.”

Charlotte’s design incorporates three different shapes; “I made a container for gift cards and pens to have alongside the main collection vessel which has three money slots, for multiple hands to donate simultaneously! It’s heavily branded in colour and style and will hopefully encourage people to give generously to the Hospice.”

Kathryn Craven, Community Fundraiser at St Leonard’s Hospice is delighted with the students’ work: “The designs the students have created are just fabulous and have obviously been made with a lot of care and thought. We have all been wowed by the attention to detail. It is wonderful that we are now able to offer these boxes to Hospice supporters who wish to fundraise at their special events. Thank you once again to Charlotte, Charlie and Hannah.”