The team provides specialist hands-on nursing care and support to patients in the last few weeks of their life. This service can be offered if it is appropriate, if you:
  • are approaching the end of life and would prefer to die at home;
  • are having difficulties at home and do not wish to be admitted to hospital or the Hospice;
  • are waiting for admission to the Hospice for symptom management or end of life care;
  • wish to be discharged from the hospital or Hospice to be cared for and die at home.
Working in partnership

We work in partnership with GPs, District Nurses and MacMillan Nurses to provide this care. 

The Hospice@Home team is made up of experienced registered nurses and carers who are supported by a Senior Sister. All our staff have hospice or palliative care expertise and have completed training so they have the required skills to support you at home.

What to expect

When you are referred to us, we will contact you and your family or carer to make an appointment for one of our registered nurses to visit you. When we first visit, we will talk to you and your family or carer about your illness and what support you require. We will also speak to the other professionals involved in your care to discuss how best we can help, and what care you require at home.


Can staff be contacted directly?

Our staff are asked not to give out their mobile or home telephone numbers.

Can Hospice@Home Health Care Assistants administer or assist with medication?

Health Care Assistants can prompt you to take medication, but only only qualified nurses are allowed to administer prescribed medication. I
f you are unable to take the medication without help, your family/carers are responsible for ensuring you take any medication required.   

Contact us

Your District Nurse and/or GP are directly responsible for your care at home and our involvement is to support the care the primary care team provides. If for any reason you wish to contact us regarding our input into your care you can do so at any time by telephoning St Leonard's Hospice on 01904 708 553 and ask to speak to a member of the Hospice@Home team.

Large Print Leaflet 

Please view our large print Hospice@Home leaflet here.