Spiritual Care


What is Spiritual Care?

Spiritual care affirms the unique spiritual journey of each person, enabling them to reflect on the story of their life as it unfolds and to look at questions of meaning and purpose in the past, the present and the future. Some people will want to think about their relationships with others and/or with God. Some may wish to explore religious beliefs and practices. For some people, the spiritual dimension becomes more important when they are ill. This can be a time for being in touch with the deepest part of ourselves. People do not have to be religious to receive spiritual care. The team at the Hospice understand that each person’s spiritual needs are individual and will therefore listen, respect and accept you irrespective of your beliefs.

The Spiritual Care Team

The Spiritual Care Team at St Leonard’s is led by Abigail Davison who is the Spiritual Care Lead. There is also a team of Spiritual Care Volunteers.They are available to every patient, relative, visitor and member of staff at St Leonard’s regardless of belief. They have contacts with faith leaders in the community and will happily arrange for people’s own faith leaders to visit.  

The Spiritual Care Team offers someone to talk to in confidence and without judgment about anything. They can also offer prayers, services or Holy Communion. On Sunday afternoon the volunteers offer prayer, a visit and an informal ecumenical Christian short service in the Sanctuary. Wedding blessings, baptisms or confirmations can be arranged on request.

The Sanctuary

Is situated in the Family Area of the Hospice and is a place of peace and quiet for all. Patients, families and friends are welcome to come and sit, read, pray, retreat or light a candle.