The Memory Tree

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I put anything I like on my leaf? 
You can only put one name on a leaf and it cannot exceed 30 letters, including spaces.  If your dedication is unsuitable for display, we will contact you to discuss this.
What happens if the Hospice needs to move the Memory Tree? 
In exceptional circumstances we may need to move the Memory Tree.  We will move or relocate the Memory Tree to another appropriate site within the Hospice premises and inform you of where it has been moved to.
What if I change my mind? 
As the payment you have made is a donation, St Leonard's is unable to refund either all or part of it.
I have just donated money to the Hospice. Can I transfer this to the Memory Tree?
Any donation for a leaf is in addition to any funds already received. We cannot backdate donations to dedicate a leaf.
What happens if the tree is full?
There is a limit of 350 leaves on the Memory Tree at any one time. In the event the tree is full at the time your form is received your leaf will be added when the next space becomes available. You will be notified in this event.
What will happen to my leaf when the selected length of time comes to an end?
Your leaf will remain on the tree for the selected length of time, after which you will be contacted by the Hospice Fundraising Team and offered the opportunity either to renew your leaf or to collect your leaf at the end of the donation term. Please let us know your preference.
When does the period of time begin?
The period begins on the date your leaf is first displayed.
What happens if the name is spelt incorrectly?
The name engraved on your leaf will appear exactly as you have entered it, so please check the spelling carefully. If we have made a mistake we will ensure that the spelling is corrected and the leaf is replaced. The period will begin again from the first date the correct leaf is displayed.
Can I choose where my leaf goes on the tree?
No. St Leonard’s Hospice will decide the location and dates of installation of all leaves on The Memory Tree.
Can I only dedicate a leaf to a loved one whot has died in the Hospice?
No, not at all. It may be a family member who died at the Hospice, or a friend who has had nothing to do with our care. They may have died recently or a long time ago. These leaves remain a wonderful tribute to those lives we want to remember and celebrate.
Can I make a donation of a different amount?
The Hospice has a number of ways you can support it and the Fundraising Team would be happy to discuss these with you if you give them a call on 01904 77 77 77