A Gift to Make a Difference

It is through the generosity of people leaving gifts in Wills that we can ensure anyone with a life limiting illness receives the best quality of care and support.

Your gift will help patients to live their lives as normally as possible - perhaps visiting favourite places, playing with a grandchild, sitting in the sunshine, enjoying being at home.

It will fund the physiotherapist who gives a patient the confidence to walk again. It will pay the nurse who brings hospice care into a patient’s own home and allows a wife or husband to stop being a ‘carer’ and return to being a loving partner. It will provide bereavement counselling to a son, a daughter, a brother, a friend.

Including a gift in your Will today means you will be helping to make a difference to lives in the future. Click here for advice on making or amending a Will.


There are five types of gift to consider:

A residuary gift: this is a share of your estate i.e. a percentage of what is left after any taxes or costs have been subtracted. As this gift is a percentage of your estate you don’t need to worry if your financial situation changes. It will keep its value over time.

A pecuniary gift: is a fixed sum of money e.g. £1,000 and is also known as a cash gift. It is a good idea to review pecuniary gifts regularly as their value can be lessened with inflation and turn out to be less generous than you intended.

A specific gift: these are items such as a property, stocks and shares or other valuables like jewellery or paintings.

A reversionary gift: allows you to provide for a loved one during their lifetime e.g. giving them the use of a house. After their death the asset is then passed to another, specified beneficiary.

A contingent gift: is a gift in your Will that depends on the occurrence of an event which may or may not happen.

If you do decide to include St Leonard’s Hospice in your Will remember to include our full name (St Leonard’s Hospice), address (185 Tadcaster Road, York, YO24 1GL) and Registered Charity Number (509294)
What Your Gift Could Do

Gifts of all sizes make such a difference to the Hospice.

£600 - could care for a patient in the Hospice for day, providing pain relief to make them more comfortable, as well as emotional support and practical advice to help relieve stress and anxiety.

£1,000 - could provide bereavement support for families coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

£5,000 - could allow the Hospice@Home team to care for patients who have chosen to stay in their own homes at the very end of their lives.

£50,000 - could cover the cost of two health care assistants for a year. They ensure patients and their loved ones have the time to do, and talk about, what matters to them most.

Click here to see stories from people who have left a gift to St Leonard's in their Will and to hear from patients and families who have benefitted from our care and support.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will email legacies@stleonardshospice.nhs.uk or call 01904 777 777.